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Are you wondering about the most effective way to apply eyeliner to almond eyes? We’ve got the solution. The almond shape of the eye is among the most attractive of all, and what it requires to be given the correct definition using eyeliner online to boost the appeal. There are large and small almond eye designs and both will benefit from an eyeliner applications that highlight the edges of the eyes, along with the lash lines. This is a step-by-step guide for properly applying the perfect eyeliner look for almond eyes.

How To Apply Eyeliner Almond-Shaped Eyes

The eyeliner that is suitable for almonds is available in various styles, however the best style for almond eyes would be the winged since the shape of the eye is classic and naturally gorgeous. This is a step-by-step guide for applying eyeliner to almond eyes.

Take Your Tools Home

To create the perfect eyeliner, you’ll need the proper tools at your disposal. Eyeliner pens are simple to apply and produce elegant winged eyeliner designs. It is also possible to apply liquid eyeliners as well as gel eyeliners. Be sure to have an angled brush at your side in order to erase any mistakes you make or to make seamless wings with gel eyeliners. Kajal pencils can be used as an alternative to other eyeliners.

Start from the Outer Corner

Begin by drawing your eyeliner starting from the outside corners of your eyelashes. You can then gradually move towards the lines of your lashes. This can help to make the outer corners more prominent and sharper. It will also make the inner lash line of lines more refined and precise.

Make The Wings Dramatic

The wings of the corner that are on the outside larger if you’d like. Because almond-shaped eyes are usually flipped upwards and the wings are thicker, it makes that lift more noticeable.

Accentuate the Inner Corner

Be sure to draw out the inner corners using thin brush strokes with eyeliner. Clean up the mess with an angle-angled brush and concealer in case you do make mistakes. It is also possible to make use of the angled brush to apply eyeliner to the corners to create an easier , beginner-friendly approach.

The Water Lines Define The Water Lines

Make use of the kajal technique to draw out your water lines that are located on the upper and lower lash lines. This will mimic the natural shape of your eyes and outline your almond eyes perfectly.

Apply Mascara

Make sure to apply mascara following the application of eyeliner. Mascara can complete a look, and is essential to any eye makeup. Make sure to apply mascara after you have finished your eyeliner application . Make sure you cover your lashes on your lower line of lashes as well. It is possible to apply 2 coats to achieve greater dramatic effects.

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