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Opal Overview

Are you a fan of opal jewelry? These extraordinary jewels are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors, ranging from milky whiteness with delicate interior hues of pastel blue and primrose yellow to brilliant blue, green, and black that flash red, gold, blue, and green fire. These gems lack the crystal structure of crystals because they are mineraloid gel.

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They are made of a solution of silicon dioxide and water. Silica from sandstone is absorbed by groundwater over a very long time and washed into cracks and fissures in the rocks. The silica deposit is then left behind as the moisture slowly evaporates, and when this cycle is repeated, the opal gradually starts to develop. Additionally, it can develop over fossils embedded in the rocks, producing brilliantly colored gemstone representations of ancient species.

The National Opal Collection in Sydney, Australia, has one of the most well-known opalized fossils in the whole world. It’s a pliosaur that measures 2.7 meters long and is known as “Nessie.” Boulder opals are another kind that develops in fissures and crevices in ironstone boulders. They have a natural covering of ironstone on the back and are highly vivid. The gem cutter leaves this layer of ironstone intact since it is necessary to be able to cut a decent-sized stone that displays all the subtle color veins.

How valuable are Opals?

The size, body tone, color, brightness, and quality of these stones typically determine their worth, with black opals being the most precious for making Opal Jewelry, followed by boulder opals and, finally, milky, pale stones. The value of a gemstone is influenced in part by how it is cut and polished. Upon evaluation, it is given a price “per carat,” and the cost of your gemstone will depend on how many carats it contains. One of the most crucial factors in assessing value is body tone.

The gemstone’s body tone, which varies from black to dark to light, is its base color. Because dark backgrounds make better canvases for showcasing all the brilliant, flashing colors that an opal may have, deeper body tones tend to indicate a more costly stone. Each individual opal’s color pattern is distinctive, and some of the most sought-after designs are Ribbon, Straw, Harlequin, Picture Stones, Flagstone, and Chinese Writing.

Locations where Opals are Mined

Opals are the national gemstone of Australia, and around 97% of the world’s supply is mined there. Of the Australian production, 60% are white, 30% are crystal, 8% are black, and roughly 2% are boulder opals. Most black opals are found in the areas of Andamooka, South Australia, and Lightning Ridge, New South Wales. A region of 4954 square kilometers near Coober Pedy, also in South Australia, is referred to as the “Opal Capital of the World” and is home to the majority of the world’s valuable opal mines.

Western Queensland is where boulder opals are found, and the region around Jundah is where the pipe opal, the rarest of all Australian stones, is found. Although they grow in sandstone that typically contains fossilized tree roots that increase the iron-ore concentration, these uncommon jewels are strikingly similar to Boulder opals. The black fire opal serves as Nevada’s state gemstone. Opals are also mined in the United States; black, white, crystal, lemon. And fire opals may be found in the Virgin Valley fields of Nevada.

Around the town of Spencer in Idaho, white opal is also mined. Additionally, there are deposits in Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Brazil, and Honduras. Fire opals, transparent gemstones with vivid body colors including reds, yellows, and oranges, are famously produced in Mexico. However, you seldom ever see any of the color variations that you do in the other opals in these stones. The blue-green gemstones known as Peruvian opals, which range in transparency from semi-transparent to opaque, are also highly attractive.

Superstitions Surrounding Opals

It was thought that holding one in your hand while it was wrapped in a bay leaf would cause you to vanish. Additionally, they have a reputation for being an unlucky gemstone. However, this may be because of how delicate they are. Black opals were considered to resemble “The Evil Eye” and were said to be utilized by witches to strengthen their powers. After Sir Walter Scott’s 1829 publication of “Anne of Geierstein,” in which one of the characters sports an opal amulet endowed with magical power, their reputation as being a source of bad luck increased.

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When holy water is thrown on this lovely jewel in the narrative. It completely loses its color and shine, and the character passes away shortly after. They would make a lovely birthday present for your Libran friends and family because they are the birthstone for the month of October and the zodiac sign of Libra.

Healing Properties of Opals

Additionally, they may be utilized in crystal healing. With various hues and varieties of stone aiding in a variety of ailments. Work with a fire opal if you need inspiration and want to rekindle your passion and fire. One of these eye-catching stones can assist in balancing and invigorating your solar plexus chakra. They are a crystal to be utilized if you want to start over and create fresh beginnings in your life. Opal may also help you release ingrained negative patterns and beliefs. Which might be helpful if you’re trying to break a bad habit that you’ve been battling for a while. These stunning jewels serve as a reminder that, with enough effort. We can find the sum of everything in even the tiniest of objects since they contain every hue of the rainbow.


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