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We all know the disturbing reality of life–coffee goes stale. You can make the freshest coffee possible, but the essential oils and flavors will slowly dissipate over time. But there are ways to keep your coffee as fresh and aromatic as possible. One way is to use vacuum-sealed bags designed explicitly for dried goods like coffee beans or tea leaves! These bags allow you to store your brew in a more airtight environment so it won’t go stale like its open container counterparts. Entre Pouch offers Packaging Coffee Bags that are customizable for content and look. You can choose from our stock designs or have a plan imprinted on the bags. 

We also have a large variety of sizes to meet your needs. The Packaging coffee bags we offer are 100% airtight, protecting the aroma and freshness of your coffee from the moment it’s brewed until you are ready to drink or use it.

Features of Packaging Coffee Bags To Consider

1. Customized Packaging Coffee Bags

We offer customized Packaging coffee bags. You can choose from our stock designs or have a plan imprinted on the bags. If you want to avoid the hassle of finding a custom paper, laminated and cut to size, then you are in the right spot! We have printed, laminated and die-cut customized packaging bags available to use as you, please. We also feature lamination on our coffee bags. Not only does this feature keep the coffee fresh, but it also gives your coffee a more professional look.

2. Customizable Packaging Coffee Bags

Our Packaging coffee bags can be customized with text, images, logos, and more! You can also choose various sizes of the bag that best fits your needs. You can also choose to have a printed design or a custom image, logo and text printed onto the bag. It is perfect if you already have an idea or logo design you want to place on your coffee bags. You can even choose which text and image to put on the packs!

3. Light Weight & High Capacity

The bags are lightweight and high-capacity. They are perfect for packaging your coffee beans and other goods. The lightweight and high degree of our packaging coffee bags make it convenient to store and resell your goods. Plastic wrapper packaging is ideal if you want to sell your goods by the pound at a farmer’s market or another venue.

4. Variety of Sizes

Packaging coffee bags are available in a variety of sizes. You can choose the size that best suits your needs. From small coffee packaging bags to large suitcases, we offer them all. Our extra-large packaging coffee bags are perfect if you want to package a large amount of coffee. We have several options available if you’re looking for a bag that fits your needs perfectly and is affordable.

5. Quality Coffee Bags

All plastic wrapper packaging is quality guaranteed. We offer the highest-quality coffee bags available! They will keep your goods in the best condition possible so that you are saved from stale or unusable goods when they are sold or used.

6. Durable Coffee Bags

All of our Packaging coffee bags are durable. They will keep your goods from breaking or getting smashed during shipping so that you don’t have to worry about receiving broken or unusable goods. If you are selling and shipping the coffee yourself, the packaging bags will help ensure that your products arrive at their destination in the best condition possible.

7. Waterproof Coffee Bags

The Packaging coffee bags we offer are waterproof! They are available to you in coated and laminated options. If you want the best product protection, you can add a laminated coating to give them another layer of protection. If water resistance is what you want, then add a coated bag to your list!


Entre Pouch offers plastic wrapper packaging solutions so that you can take full advantage of your products! Your goods will be safe from the dangers of the outside world, ensuring it arrives at their destination in perfect condition. We also offer customized solutions so that you can imprint a design of your choice on the bags. Call 0999 885 7389 or order online today and start selling and packaging your goods, so they are fresh and aromatic for years to come! 

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