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Do you ever stand in your living room or bedroom and think this is different from what you wanted it to look like? Is that because you don’t know the inner workings of interior design, or is it due to a lack of understanding of how you want your space to feel? Whether decorating spaces from scratch or refining existing pieces with items from around the house, developing your interior design style can be challenging. But have no fear – we’re here to help! 

With our Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Interior Design Style, you will soon be confident and able to transform any room into one that speaks directly and truly reflects who you are.

Understand interior design basics – learn colour, texture, lighting, and other elements.

Interior design is an art form that can quickly transform a space into a stunning and functional environment. While it may seem overwhelming initially, grasping internal design basics can help you create the perfect ambiance in any room. The four key elements to consider are;

  • Colour, texture, lighting, and other design elements. Choosing the right colour and palette can set the room’s mood, 
  • while textures can add depth and interest. 
  • Lighting is crucial in making a room feel cosy or spacious, and incorporating design elements such as patterns and décor finishes the look. 

Understanding these core concepts can be a great starting point for anyone looking to embark on an interior design journey.

Analyse your lifestyle and preferences to identify your preferred design style.

When designing your home, it’s essential to figure out what style you are drawn to. A closer look at your lifestyle and preferences can help identify the design style that best suits you. If you prefer simplicity and a clutter-free environment, an interior minimalist design might be the way to go. This style is all about clean lines, a neutral colour palette, and a focus on functionality. It’s perfect for those who appreciate a sense of calmness and order in their living space. So take a moment to reflect on your lifestyle and design preferences, and see if an interior minimalist design is the perfect match for you.

Explore different design styles online to help narrow down your favorite ones.

In today’s digital age, endless design styles are available at our fingertips. From minimalist to maximalist, retro to contemporary, browsing online is a fantastic way to explore and discover which styles appeal to you the most. Taking the time to peruse websites, social media feeds, and design blogs can open your eyes to new possibilities and inspire your creativity. Whether you want to revamp your home decor or style, broadening your design knowledge will help you hone in on your preferences and elevate your aesthetic. So go ahead, dive in, and see what types speak to you!

Consider visiting showrooms or talking to a design professional if you feel overwhelmed.

Feeling overwhelmed with the task of redecorating your home is entirely average. There are many decisions to make and designs to choose from. However, there’s no need to go at it alone. Consider visiting showrooms to get inspired and see how different furniture pieces and decor can come together. Additionally, talking to a design professional can help provide insight and guidance on transforming your space into the dream home you’ve always pictured. Don’t let the stress of redecorating hold you back. Reach out for help and turn your home into the oasis you deserve.

Look at existing decor in your home for clues on what style may appeal to you.

Your home’s decor can give you plenty of clues about your style preferences. Perhaps you’re drawn to rustic elements like distressed wood and natural materials, or you prefer sleek and modern designs with clean lines and metallic accents. Take a closer look at the art, furniture, and accessories you’ve chosen for your living space – these items can reveal a lot about your aesthetic leanings. Once you identify your preferred style, you can use it to guide future decorating decisions and create a cohesive, curated look throughout your home.

Be patient and don’t rush the process – your style will evolve with new influences.

The journey to finding your unique style can be a daunting task. It’s natural to want to rush the process and have it all figured out right away, but it’s important to remember that style isn’t something that can be forced. It should come naturally and organically with time and experience. Feel free to let new influences in, as they can help shape and evolve your style. Patience is critical as you navigate the ups and downs of discovering your creative voice. Trust in the process and allow your style to unfold naturally – the result will be worth it.


Interior design is a fun and exciting process that anyone can enjoy, regardless of budget or experience. Although it’s essential to understand the basics, rule number one regarding design is to keep it personal. Analyse your lifestyle and preferences thoroughly, and explore different design styles until you find something that speaks to you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help along the way. Showrooms, design professionals, online resources – all of these are great tools in helping narrow down what styles appeal to you most. And above all – don’t be rushed! The most successful designs take time to accumulate over years of trial and error. Take your time finding what reflects your personality best, enjoy the journey of understanding and learning about interior design, and get creative! Start designing today!

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