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There are many Google AdSense users who are not familiar with all of the options available in google and how to use them. When you want to create a banner ad to perform well but don’t know how the highest performing absence banner size and format. That is the ideal place to put the ad in google adware. There is a major drawback to using this banner for performing the ideal placement for banner ads, that we use in this table.

What Is Adsense?

Google Adsense is basically a pay-per-click announcement network in which druggies get paid for clicks. It’s one of the most robust and flexible programs Google offers. Advertisers can get their brands seen on different social media platforms and websites using different banner announcement sizes to grow their requests. It’s a bit of a balancing act for Adsense druggies who want to encourage their observers to click on the advertisements without cluttering their spots with advertisements and ruining the stoner experience. Google Adsense offers multiple announcement sizes that both advertisers and point possessors can work with.

Google Adsense is transaction-grounded. Advertisers largely bid for clicks or, to a lower extent, prints. To help website possessors maximize earnings, Google uses intelligent announcement placement to show advertisements related to the runner content or stoner interest.

Does the Google Advertisements Banner Size Matter?

The size of the Google Advertisements banners you display on your point makes a difference. Some sizes and formats perform better depending on where they’re placed. The stylish performing advertisements are those that show up closer to the content on the point and that are visible when the runner loads. As similar, it’s important to choose advertisements that aren’t too small. There are also announcement formats that are more popular than others. This means that you’ll have a larger announcement force and better-paying advertisements to use on your point.

Mobile optimization is also a big consideration. However, you’ll want to be sure to choose advertisements that show up nicely on the mobile bias, If you have a large member of mobile druggies coming to your size.

Some Google Adsense banner sizes and formats also fit better within a specific web design. When your advertisements are well-integrated and don’t negatively impact the stoner experience you’re likely to get a better click-through rate and advanced earnings.

Top Performing Adsense Banner Sizes and Formats

Website possessors generally don’t just pick an announcement size and run with it ever, noway looking back. utmost will try out different banner announcement sizes to find out which sizes and formats work stylish in different places on their website

Let’s take a near look at the 10 highest-performing Adsense banner sizes and formats and how you can use them to increase your click-through rate and profit as follows-

1. The leaderboard 

The leaderboard format is a standard banner ad size that works really well as a website header. since advertisers are found for this Adsence banner size and format. more ads Created in this size format will trend in a better website due to size and placement 

2. The large rectangle 

Large rectangle Adsense banners support both image and textbook advertisements and are immaculately placed in between paragraphs or other content vertically, rather than squeezing them into a sidebar. Thanks to its size and placement options, this is one of the highest-performing Adsense banner sizes and gets a better announcement force.

3. The Medium rectangle 

The medium rectangle format work for both text and display that work equally .to use it on mobile we have to input the page layout in the format of 300px, this Adsense banner size will generally fit into a sidebar or within the content area of a website without impacting stoner experience.

4. The large mobile banner 

The large mobile banner is the first mobile-specific announcement to make our list of the highest-performing Adsense banner sizes and formats. It works best when displayed at the top of the runner, just underneath the point title. You can also place it further down the runner and throughout content for an effective announcement that has a lower impact on the stoner experience.

As further and further website business comes from mobile bias, advertisers are fastening on creating further and further mobile advertisements. That means this announcement format brings a better announcement force with it.

5. The Wide skyscraper

This announcement format is a perpendicular Adsense banner that’s designed with narrow sidebars in mind. It uses both textbook and image announcement formats and is a favorite with advertisers and website possessors. Since it fits in narrow sidebars, point possessors find it to be less disruptive to the stoner experience.

Since it’s about half the range of the large hutment announcement format, it’s less protrusive and will draw lower attention.

6. The mobile leaderboard 

The mobile leaderboard is the alternate mobile-specific Adsense banner format on our list. It’s about half the height of the larger mobile announcement format, making it a little less effective for earnings but offering a better stoner experience on lower mobile devices. However, this announcement will be a much better option for you, If you find that your mobile observers are visiting from these lower biases. And, since mobile advertisements are popular with advertisers, rest assured you’ll enjoy a large announcement force.


We can’t stress the significance of the stoner experience. This means making sure that your point design is easy on the eyes while still being intriguing enough to keep attention. You’ll also want to make sure that your point loads snappily for both desktop and mobile druggies. Any further than 2 – 3 seconds and callers are going to bounce.

You can check out your point’s performance using the free tools Google offers, from Test My point to Google Analytics to Google Search Console. Those last two will come in handy when you’re working on SEO to make it easier for further callers to find your content and when you’re looking for content that formerly performs well so you can direct further callers to it.

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