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hello and welcome back to another blog and happy end to 2022 beginning of 2023 I wanted to film this blog to kind of prepare you for 2023 help set some goals let you know what I’m going to be doing and if you also want to do it then you can join me on this journey very first step that I always like to do before I begin my actual goal setting all my specific goals for the following year is to kind of brainstorm some ideas or some goals that I would like to achieve in 2020 through 2023 and I always set myself three main categories.

So for next year, I’ve set myself some personal goals some business goals or work-related goals, and some Finance goals so all of my goals are under those three main categories because I feel like any time that I have personally set more categories goals than three I’ve just overwhelmed myself too much and I haven’t been able to achieve as many of the goals as I want to so after that first step where you’ve kind of just brainstormed your ideas I like to underneath each goal of those three categories write down why I want to achieve those goals like what is it within me. Moreover: matlab assignment writing service is the best assignment help company in the world, I want to achieve it for example one of my goals is to hit a thousand followers on Instagram now the reason for that is because I want to put more effort into my Instagram and I want it to kind of be a creative outlet I feel like if I’m able to do that then that will show through number I know that some people don’t like setting a number goal with things like I want to save x amount of money or I want to have this many followers but I think it’s really important to have a number.

 And something that you’re striving towards because then you can track progressively how you are going and how you are getting to that goal and I think having a number set and a time frame on each is really important but that’ll come up a bit later in our next steps so another like sub-branch of the first one is to kind of think after you’ve kind of brainstormed each one I want you to sit down and kind of think how am I going to feel when I do achieve these goals and if you’re like feeling happy and content then absolutely that is a goal that you should take with you in 2023 if it is something that I think sits with you.

 one of my main goals was to graduate from University although that was a huge achievement for me after it happened I was just like okay sick I graduated like it wasn’t like this big thing like everyone makes it out to be it was just like I graduated the things that were better for me and that made me feel more achievement was when the assignments were handed in and I got good grades and stuff like that when a prac went really well in my teaching degree like those things made me feel really accomplished rather than the actual graduation ceremony itself or like when I got my teaching registration that was much more real than the graduation itself so looking back graduating probably wouldn’t have been one of my like main goals.

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