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If you care about the environment, working in sustainability could be of interest to you. There are many subfields within this one, such as social and environmental science. Finding the ideal job path for you may be aided by becoming knowledgeable about the various alternatives available to you.

What are careers in sustainability?

Sustainability Jobs are ones that emphasize enhancing the environment through environmentally friendly solutions and activities. There are a number of specialities available in the sector, including engineering and industrial management.

These individuals endeavor to advance sustainable practices, ensure that others follow rules, and inform the public and organizations on how to apply eco-friendly practices in the workplace and community. They do their duties in a range of settings, such as offices and industrial facilities.

Here are 5 positions to take into account while looking for work in this industry:

1. Sustainable Development Consultants

The College Board predicts that between 2008 and 2018, the industry with the greatest new Sustainability Jobs will be managerial, scientific, and technological consulting services, where employment will increase by 83 percent. A sustainability focus may be part of positions in any of these consulting specialties.

In order to develop and carry out sustainability and corporate responsibility initiatives, from energy efficiency to employee well-being and engagement, businesses and organizations without in-house sustainability expertise frequently use consultants.

The International Society of Sustainability Professionals reports that in 2009, 25% of respondents to the sustainability poll of top business executives conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review claimed they were expanding their commitment to sustainability.

2. Green building experts

To design, develop, and operate green buildings, including their energy, waste, and water systems, as well as the landscapes around them, a variety of designers are required, from building architects to civil and mechanical engineers, urban planners to energy auditors and managers. Employment opportunities in green construction are anticipated to grow.

According to the U.S. Green Building Council, “the economic effect from green building development is enormous and will continue to expand as the demand for green buildings develops.” Over 2 million Sustainability Jobs are being supported by green building expenditure, which also generates over $100 billion in GDP and earnings.

3. Environment specialists

Environmental scientists are in high demand for positions in labs, offices, and outdoor environments. The workforce will require an ever-growing group of environmental scientists to lead the way as we continue to address complicated concerns like climate change, hazardous chemical cleaning, and water conservation.

According to The College Board, “Government economists anticipate employment growth for environmental scientists and experts to be nearly as rapid as the average for all fields through 2020.” Environmental scientists will be required to research how population expansion will affect the environment since it will increase environmental demands.

Additionally, when they start new projects, corporations and other groups will require assistance in adhering to environmental rules and averting environmental hazards.

4. Water scientists and engineers

Sometimes there isn’t enough water, as happens during droughts, and other times there is, as happens during hurricanes and other major precipitation events. Water may be the next “inconvenient truth,” whether there is too much or not enough of it, which will increase the demand for scientists and engineers who can handle both scenarios. “Water quality concerns exist, and their regulation is an increasingly vital green task throughout the world,” notes National Geographic.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, several different professions are involved in water conservation, including scientists who may discover new water sources or techniques to use water more effectively. New water-saving products and techniques are created by engineers.

5. Experts in agriculture and food

In order to locate plant-based energy sources, assist farms and fisheries adapt to climate change and rising sea levels, and create eco-friendly farming techniques and technologies that can sustainably feed a growing global population, agricultural and food scientists are needed.

According to Solar Energy Jobs The College Board, private industry will see the majority of employment growth. It will need agricultural experts to develop farming practices that are environmentally friendly. There could also be chances to aid in the discovery of plant-based energy sources. Job growth for food scientists will be fueled by the desire for innovative, healthier foods.


The greatest preparation for the most in-demand Sustainability Jobs of tomorrow is probably a broad sustainability education, but concentrating on one of these hot-button specializations won’t hurt either.

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