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Drawings For Kids ever dreamed you could create animated characters? The procedure is drawn out. But if you’re persistent, you can become an expert cartoon figure illustrator. Drawings For Kids all boils down to using the right software tools, following instructions, and practicing, practicing, practicing when it comes to drawing for kids. For this tutorial, we created a drawing of the Joker from Suicide Squad as our model.

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Joker Drawing Instructions For Children:


  • Picking a page preset should be your first step. The page settings must be changed to reflect the selected page size and type.
  • For this project, we’ll select a page setting of 3973 × 4747 pixels. We’ll also use a 72-pixel resolution.
  • A basic sketch is the best place to start when developing a cartoon figure or character. However, starting with a basic digital sketch is an option, so we’ll be doing that. Some people prefer drawing by hand.
  • You can do it manually if you have problems creating a digital base drawing. On paper, quickly sketch an outline; scan it; and then import it into Adobe Photoshop. It doesn’t matter if the sketch is a little rough.
  • The finished product does not require a rough drawing.

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  • After completing your base sketch, the following step is to apply color. The drawing layer must be added on top with an opacity of 40%–50%.
  • After that, please make a new layer and give it the name of the body part you want to color first. For instance, if you want to color the head first, name that layer “head.”


  • Use the same method as you did for the muscles and facial expressions to etch out the trousers and toe joints.
  • Please pick the location where the wounds should be on the character’s body, then paint it gently.
  • Use darker greys and white colors [Hardness: 0%; Spacing: 25%; Opacity: 25%; Flow: 25%] to give the teeth a metallic appearance.
  • Then, we detailed the toes and added joints to the fingers and gloves similarly.


  • The soft tones have come to an end. To give our cartoon character darker shadows this step does just that.
  • Studying the environment and how light and shadow operate in various circumstances will help you grasp how shadows and lighting affect various areas.


  • Merging all the layers is the first step in finalizing your Joker animation.
  • Sharpen after Filtering.
  • As your highlight settings, select the Dodge tool and Brush 30 [Hardness: 0%; Spacing: 25%; Exposure: 20%].
  • Use the dodge tool to move to the place where the light is falling.
  • We’re finished when you add a gradient background using the Gradient tool.

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