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How can the advantages, disadvantages, and vidhi of the Narayan Bali Puja be succinctly encapsulated? I believe that the Narayan Bali Puja is necessary. Why, in Narayan Bali’s opinion, is Srirangapatna prospering?

What is the price of the Narayan Bali Puja, including pandit reservations? Today, we’ll discuss the expenses and advantages of the Narayan Bali Puja. Narayan Bali pooja is performed to eliminate negative karma, such as that brought on by the death of a snake, similar to Pitru pooja. Your kundali will be free of the pitru dosha as a result of your participation in the Narayan Bali puja.

You must speak with Pandit Ji of the temple if you wish to do the Narayan Bali puja in Srirangapatna; else, you may hire a pandit online.

In this Narayan Bali, two pujas are merged into one when someone passes away suddenly and for no apparent cause.

The Narayan Bali Puja is performed to appease Lord Narayan for those who die unexpectedly.In all cases of unnatural death, including those brought on by animals, illness, curses, accidents, suicide, and snake bites, the Narayan Bali puja is performed.

What takes place in Srirangapatna during the Narayan Bali Puja?

In his honor, a three-day Vedic ritual known as Narayan Nagbali Puja (Pitra Dosh) is done. There are two versions of this puja: the Narayan Bali Puja and the Nagbali Puja. Each puja serves two distinct functions.

Narayan Bali Puja is performed to rid oneself of evil spirits, while Nagbali Puja is performed to atone for the sin of killing a cobra or snake. The Triveni Sangam is located in Karnataka next to the Srirangapatna Temple. The Nagbali Puja and the Narayan Bali Puja have been finished.

In the Garuda Purana, Lord Vishnu warned Shree Garuda that if the family skips the last burial rites for a deceased individual, their soul will roam in an ethereal form day and night.

In this instance, a Narayan Bali puja is done in order to appease Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv, yam, and preta by performing Sankalpa and Kalasha sthapana. The Narayan Bali puja is followed by the Sridham and Homam rites.

After the puja is over, the devotee receives Sri Ranganathan Swamy’s blessings before partaking in pind daan and swimming in the Kaveri River.

When and on what day is Narayan Bali Puja?

A skilled pandit who is conversant in Vedic astrology is the best person to consult for advice on the best time to do the Narayan Bali puja in Srirangapatna.

The Narayan Bali puja should be performed on the days of Pitru Paksha, Amavasya, Poornima, Ashtami, and Dwadashi.

In order to do the Narayan Bali puja for the departed, the pandit also verified their nakshatras. Kritika, Punarvasu, Vishaka, Poorvabhadra, Uttarabhadra, Dhanista, Satabhisha, and Revati are the nakshatras for the puja.

Puja Costs

The cost is determined by the pandit’s havan and puja samagri. Following the puja, the devotees are free to give Pandit Ji whatever amount of Dakshina they like.

For the Narayan Bali Puja, a location where the performer may reside while performing the three-day event is required. There must be several pandits present for this puja procedure. Only one pandit performs this pooja, as opposed to the other pandits who recite the Narayan Bali puja mantra.

The performer for Narayan Bali Puja must dress appropriately. The price of the Narayan Bali Puja ranges from 7,000 to 8,000 Indian rupees.

The cost of Pandit Ji’s stay with the family is Rs. 500.

The price would go up if you needed more than one pandit and more puja samagri. The price range is between 10,000 and 15,000 Indian rupees.

Positive Effects

  • All difficulties, possibilities, and issues disappear when the ancestors’ curse is lifted.
  • Any issue, such as diseases, postponed pregnancies and weddings, financial challenges, and more, may be addressed by this.
  • The advantages enjoyed by our ancestors will always exist, and they will coexist peacefully.
  • Narayan Bali Puja helps to lessen the negative effects of Pitru Dosh on horoscopes.
  • After the ceremony, take care to keep any evil spirits away from the family.
  • The purpose of the Narayan Bali puja is to free the souls of the deceased.
  • The Narayan Bali Puja is conducted in order to encourage prosperity, success, and well-being.
  • Infertile couples should employ the Narayan Bali Puja to achieve their financial and professional objectives.

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