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YouTube has finally decided to start monetizing short content, which can only generate revenue using indirect tools for the platform.

Like the rest of the digital platforms that depend on the short video format, such as Instagram and especially TikTok, YouTube Shorts has become a resounding success for the Google subsidiary and the numbers obtained by this alternative to the traditional content that you can on its service , there are already more than 1.5 million monthly registered users.

YouTube recognizes the good moment of its short section, which was launched in March 2021 exclusively for the United States and ended up going viral around the world in July of the same year. Therefore, to celebrate the continuous increase in the number of users in record time, the company decided to activate the monetization of short vertical videos.

A new era for YouTube shorts

As YouTube’s support page notes, the option to start making money from shorts will be available to all creators on the platform starting February 1st. This section also details the steps creators should take to take full advantage of this new monetization option.

Although it was announced in September 2022, the company has finally revealed a specific and official date for the release of the shorts. Until now, material uploaded in this format could only be monetized through tools such as Super Chat or virtual stores added to the videos. Thanks to this change, content creators will be able to receive advertising revenue generated directly from their content.

In order to be able to monetize with the shorts, those interested will have to accept YouTube’s new terms and conditions, regardless of whether they already have a contract with the company on the platform. Sang Direkturtoto

Monetize short films on YouTube

People who are part of the YouTube Partner Program will be able to accept the platform’s new terms and conditions, which create new clauses about what content can be posted and specific details about the payment system, until July 10, 2023 to be able to do so. To access content monetization.

Lastly, the company has updated the requirements that users must meet to be eligible for its monetization program, so going forward, users must have access to over 4,000 hours of content shown outside of the shorts, or around 10 million of views on the short films over the last 90 days. Keeping a minimum of 1000 subscribers on the channel.

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