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There are several famous levels in the Crash Bandicoot trilogy. These are the cream of the crop.

When discussing some of the most memorable characters in gaming. It would be remiss not to mention the legendary Australian marsupial who has captivated gamers’ hearts since his debut in 1996. Crash Bandicoot, the renowned PlayStation original, has been a household name for decades. Inspiring innumerable titles and even a successful remake of the original trilogy.

Crash Bandicoot has withstood the test of time and is one of gaming’s most replayable titles. Thanks to its multitude of hard but unforgettable levels. There are a few outstanding levels among the franchise’s original trilogy’s 100+ levels that push the gaming experience to new heights.

Bug Lite – Warped

The Bug Lite level in the third Crash edition transports players to Ancient Egypt, complete with snakes and a tomb fit for Cleopatra. While there are several levels in the Crash Bandicoot series with this theme, the limited availability of light provides an extra challenge and point of distinction.

Bug Lite contains some portions that are too dark for any light to lead Crash through. Fortunately for players, Crash is assisted by fireflies in navigating the level’s different obstacles. However, act quickly since the fireflies are only available for a limited time before Crash is drawn into the darkness and at the mercy of any threats in his path.

High time – Warped

The Crash Bandicoot series’ ability to commit to a level’s theme in clichéd but comforting ways is a big part of its appeal. This is true in High Time, as Crash makes his way across the roofs of an Arabic metropolis where gamers are almost looking for Aladdin and his magic carpet.

The High Time level used a lovely mix of setting design, background music, and correctly dressed adversaries to transport players to a desolate Middle-Eastern metropolis. Crash escapes death in another fantastic environment for some hard-hitting crystal hunting by scaling ceilings, dodging scimitars, and bouncing between floating carpets.

Tomb Wader – Warped

The third volume of the Crash Bandicoot series provided an answer to a topic that no one had asked: “Can Crash swim?” According to Tomb Wader, the answer was a resounding “no.” Players were exposed to the same Egyptian-style environment. But with the extra thrill of preventing Crash from being washed away by the ever-rising and falling tide.

The Tomb Wader level required players to use well-timed strikes to fend off enemies while keeping Crash on high ground when the water rose. The barriers were spaced so that reaching safety was not an impossible task, but it nevertheless provided an entertaining challenge that punished even the smallest slip or poorly-timed movement between safe areas.

Future Tense – Warped

The beauty of Nefarious Tropy’s Time Twister in Crash Bandicoot: Warped is that it not only transports Crash back to the days of medieval knights and dinosaurs, but also foreshadows what life will be like in the distant future. The future appears to be exceedingly technologically sophisticated and extremely dangerous in the Future Tense bonus level, which appeared as a brand-new level in the N. Sane Trilogy remake.

Future Tense is one of the game’s more difficult levels, yet it still has plenty of highlights. Crash must avoid lasers, deactivate robots, and avoid rockets while climbing a tower. The level was a new and thrilling addition to the game that rewarded die-hard players for sticking with the earlier games.

Dino Might! – Warped

Everyone who played Crash Bandicoot: Warped’s Dino Might level when it first came out in 1998 saw their childhood dinosaur fantasies come true. Dino Might was one of a handful portions that had everything a dinosaur fan could want. Dinosaurs, lava, and even more dinosaurs.

The Dino Might level’s pursuit scenes saw Crash fleeing from a massive, ferocious Triceratops. This level’s experience was enhanced by the fact that not all of the prehistoric reptiles were out to attack the player. With a two-legged dino hatchling offering his services to bring Crash to safety.

Un-Bearable – Cortex Strikes Back

The Crash Bandicoot team has an extraordinary ability to provide a consistent sense of familiarity for the game’s overall style while yet giving a unique standpoint with each level. One method they used was to have Crash adjust the direction he needed to go. Un-Bearable was one of the most memorable. Owing to the fact that no one will ever forget being chased by a gigantic, enraged polar bear.

The level is focused on avoiding angry bears. But there is a bonus portion if players can figure out which pit to fall into. This level’s various pursuit scenes are littered with land mines, running lizards, electric fences, and bottomless holes. Keeping players on their toes and requiring rapid thinking if Crash wants to escape becoming food.

Air Crash – Cortex Strikes Back

The Air Crash level in Crash Bandicoot: Cortex Strikes Back is a smooth one. Much of this is due to the level’s location on top of a stream. But the addition of the aquatic skateboard allows for an extremely fun gameplay experience. The board handles quite well, and the guys behind the level certainly improved their game in the recreation of the trilogy.

Air Crash challenges players to navigate through perilous waters as Crash weaves past wooden obstacles, avoids exploding mines. And avoids spontaneous whirlpools. With the addition of ramps, Crash is encouraged to harness his inner Tony Hawk in a hard yet enjoyable experience for the furry orange protagonist.

Cold Hard Crash – Cortex Strikes Back

Cold Hard Crash lives up to its name, as completing the level is frigid, cruel, and difficult. This level features a frozen landscape for Crash to travel that is littered with iced over portions. Adding an additional challenge due to lack of traction. Despite the game’s simplicity, the physics of running on ice in sneakers are spot-on, resulting in a ridiculously tedious run.

This level’s charm stems from its combination of classic Crash-style gameplay and a part dedicated to classic platformer structure. Barriers are numerous and varied, thus players must be aware of barriers ahead and above them due to the falling icicles. Beware of the penguins; they may appear cute, but they are anything but.

Road To Nowhere – Crash Bandicoot

Some may argue that this godforsaken level has no place in the top 10. Despite being one of the most difficult levels in the Crash Bandicoot series. The idea behind Drive Mad game is simple: Crash must cross a severely shaky bridge without falling victim to its perilous structure. While the principle is straightforward, the impediments on the bandicoot’s path are anything but.

This deceptively difficult level has resulted in an endless number of infuriating deaths and sadness. But it is undeniably one of the most unforgettable experiences in the franchise. While it has caused some white-knuckled clutches on controllers and stifled tears. Few levels provide the thrill of finishing the death run of a bridge that Road To Nowhere does.

The Lost City – Crash Bandicoot

The original Crash Bandicoot game became famous for a number of reasons. Including its iconic Australian marsupial character and its quirky yet surprisingly difficult levels. When the layers of the game that made it so distinctive were stripped away. Crash Bandicoot was a tribute to the traditional platformers that inspired the game’s inception. The Lost City level in the trilogy’s first game paid homage to the old gaming style.

The Lost City, designed in the classic left-to-right platformer format, included a slew of obstacles for players to avoid, duck, and spin their way out of in order to keep Crash alive. Players were pushed to timing every action correctly with a plethora of moving platforms, strategic holes in the wall, and swarms of bats.

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